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Siegmund System 28 - Bench Vice 125 (2-004320)

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The Siegmund System 28 - Bench vice 125 is compatible with any 28mm fixture table. Made in Germany to the highest of quality assurance, you know that with Siegmund tooling, you will not be let down.


Technical Data:

 Item No.: 2-004320

Siegmund bench vice 125 with 28 mm boreholes

Weight 17,5 kg 
max. clamping force 30 kN


Product description
The Siegmund bench vice is made of high-quality cast iron.

The robust material and optimized design make the Siegmund bench vice a reliable and durable tool.

The sliding carriage of the movable jaws is machined on 4 sides to ensure smooth sliding and precise clamping.

The double bore holes allow the bench vice to be attached to the table at a 45° or 90° angle, according to your needs.

The vice jaw covers are interchangeable and available in the materials fiber, rubber and aluminum.

To attach the bench vice to the table, fast clamping bolts and if necessary, reduction bushings are required.

‐ Clamping jaws, spindle and spindle key made of hardened quality steel
‐ opening to the front
‐ Jaw width 125 mm
‐ Opening stroke 125 mm
‐ Mounting: System 16: 2x 160511 + 2x 000546, System 22: 2x 220513 + 2x 000544, System 28: 2x 280511
‐ Delivery contents: 1x Bench vice 004320