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Siegmund System 28 Clamps - Spare Parts

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Although Siegmund's products are manufactured in Germany with the highest quality standards on the market, Siegmund recognizes the need for additional, spare parts. With the needs of customer's in mind, Siegmund offers a range of Spare Parts to help ensure production continues to move. 



Technical Data:

Item No. 280679
Arbor Thread
Length (a) 42 mm /Weight 0.15 kg /Diameter28 mm

Product description
‐ for 280604

Item No.:   289108.N
Bushing for Threaded Arbor
Length (a) 42 mm
Weight 0,08 kg
Diameter 30 mm

Product description
‐ for 280630.N

Item No.:   289109.N
Disc for Cast Iron Cross
Length (a)10 mm /Weight 0.03 kg /Diameter 30 mm

Product description
‐ for 280630.N, 220630.1
‐ with countersunk bolt M10x25