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Siegmund - System 28 - Squares

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Siegmund System 28 Squares can be used with any 28mm fixture table. Manufactured in Germany, Siegmund's System 28 Squares are made with the highest quality standards on the market! Choose Siegmund and take on any job with confidence.


Technical Data:

Universal Angle Mechanical Clamping ‐ nitrided
Length (a): 350 mm  /Weight: 14.5 kg

Product description
Universal Angle Mechanical Clamping, ideal for angle applications with high repeat accuracy. Any individual angular degree between 10° and 150° can be set. The angular degree is adjusted by using the setup template and a hex wrench. The Setup template is included with delivery.
‐ nitrided
‐ includes setting template

Universal Angle Hydromechanical Clamping ‐ nitrided
Length (a): 475 mm/  /Weight : 23 kg

Product description
Stop and Clamping Square 75 L, serves as a fixed square for large profiles. In addition it is compatible with other squares. A height-adjustable support surface can be created, by combining it with a Stop and Clamping Square with elongated hole, e.g. 175 WL (Item No. 280111.N).

Chromed version available for work on measuring tables, working with aluminum and for TIG-welding.


Corner Connection small, Cast Iron ‐ nitrided
Length (a): 200 mm/Width (b): 150 mm/Height (c): 120 mm
/Weight : 11.8 kg

Product description
Mounting Square, can be used as a stop or angle element, as well as attaching additional squares. It can also be used to connect welding tables with support- and foundation rails. For this application countersunk bolts (Item No. 280528) or fast clamping bolts (Item No. 280510) are recommended.
‐ nitrided

Corner Connection; Cast Iron ‐ nitrided
Length (a): 200 mm/Width (b): 200 mm /Height (c): 170 mm
 /Weight : 15.7kg

Product description
Standard Corner Connection, provides more workspace by giving the option to extend the table diagonally at a 45° angle. The Corner Connection can be securely fastened and works as a prism, stop or connecting piece. It is compatible with all other squares. The Corner Connection is extremely sturdy and provides connecting-, stop- and clamping options on 5 sides (Item No. 280191.N).

This component is manufactured of high quality GGG40 ductile cast iron.
‐ nitrided

Sliding Base ‐ nitrided
Length (a): 350 mm /Width (b): 300 mm /Height (c): 50 mm
 /Weight : 16 kg

Product description
Sliding base - provides two axes of adjustment when used with squares. A third axis can be created by adding a second sliding base.

This component is manufactured of high quality GGG40 ductile cast iron.
‐ nitrided

Moveable Square ‐ nitrided
Length (a) 500mm/Width (b): 100 mm /Height (c): 100 mm
 mm /Weight : 15.8 kg

Product description
Moveable Square, can be used as a connection between two stop- and clamping squares, providing additional support surface, as well as further variable and fixed stop- and clamping options. In addition, the Moveable Square can function as a four-sided table extension, a table setup or a stop bar. Especially in restricted spaces the Moveable Square offers a multitude of combination- and application options.

This component is manufactured of high quality GGG40 ductile cast iron.
‐ nitrided