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Siegmund - System 28 - Supports

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Siegmund System 28 Prisms and Supports are compatible with any 28mm fixture table. Made in Germany with the highest quality assurance, you know that with Siegmund tooling, you will never be let down.


The Prism is designed for pipes with a large diameter. Above all, it creates a solid support surface for round pipes. The prism with a screwed-in collar can be fastened in the boreholes and securely fixed. For free positioning of the prism independent of the hole grid, you can easily unscrew the collar from the prism. If necessary, the working height of the prism can be varied by a prism extension. Polyamide Prisms are used for scratch-prone surfaces.

Technical Data:

Item No.:  280500
Support and Clamping Sleeve
Height (c) 50 mm /Weight 1.1 kg /Diameter 90 mm

Product description
Burnished Support and Clamping Sleeve, flexible tool to lock Siegmund components into position at any location, using a clamping bolt. The Support and Clamping Sleeve can be welded or bolted onto a customer-specific device, thereby providing the option of quickly fastening a replacement plate with the use of a clamping bolt.

‐ burnished

Item No.:   280821
Set of Supports 11 pieces ‐ burnished
Length (a) 125 mm /Weight 1.95 kg /Diameter 50 mm

Product description
11-piece Set of Supports, offers the option to vary the height of the support surface. The individual supports can be used to compensate for 1-100 mm height differences. The lowest grading of the supports is 1 mm, in order to achieve the intended height precisely. The measurements are specified on the particular discs. Aided by the O-rings, the Supports can be adjusted easily and precisely. The Set of Supports can be universally used in all boreholes of system 28. The M10 thread on the inside of the supports enables fastening of customer-specific components or prisms.

Item No.:   280821.1
Tower for Supports ‐ burnished
Length (a) 125 mm /Weight 0.6 kg /Diameter 50 mm

Product description
‐ burnished

Item No.:   280821.2
Washer Set
Weight 1.35 kg /Diameter 50 mm

Product description
gradation of discs:
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 mm
10 / 20 / 40 / 50 mm
incl. 1/10" disc 2.54 mm

Item No.:   280822
Screw Support Ø 80 ‐ burnished
Height (c) 75 mm - 110 mm /Weight 2.3 kg /Diameter 80 mm

Product description
Screw Support, especially intended for Vernier height adjustments ranging from 75-110 mm. The height compensation can be clearly increased by using prism extensions and the set of Supports.

‐ burnished


Item No.:   280824
Support height adjustable with scale ‐ burnished
Height (c) 144 mm /Weight 0.87 kg /Diameter 50 mm

Product description
The height adjustable support with scale provides a solid surface for mounting accessories and can be used in all system boreholes.

With the ring and locknut the height is infinitely adjustable between 20-105 mm accurate to within 1 mm.

‐ incl. Set screw
‐ burnished
‐ Set screw for connecting with prisms