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System 28 Professional Extreme 8.7 - 1500x1500x200 Plasma nitrided Diagonal grid ‐ table side with diagonal grid

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Item Number:  2-280050.XD7D
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Siegmund Welding Tables are the Hardest, Most Durable and Extraordinarily Flat Welding Tables Available in the World.

The hardened X7 Steel (the 8.7 Series), is specially made for Siegmund in Germany. This steel is of a considerably higher hardness grade compared to 98% of the welding tables in the market. With the Series 8.7 Siegmund Welding tables, the top plate achieves a hardness of 850 Vickers after the Plasma Nitration and the BAR-Treatment. The higher hardness also helps maintain the flatness of the welding table.

Welding Table Specs and Features:

  • Overall Tabletop Size: 1000x500x100mm (39.37" x 19.68" x 3.93")
  • Borehole: Ø 16mm (0.629")
  • Welding Table Series: Professional Extreme 8.7 Series
  • Welding Table Material Thickness: Approx. 11.5 – 13mm (0.45" - 0.51")
  • Welding Table Material Type and Finish: Professional Extreme 8.7
    Hardened Tool Steel, Plasma Nitrided and BAR-Coated Table
  • Surface Hardness: 450-850 Vickers
  • Official Siegmund Welding Table Part No.: 4-160005.X7D
  • Maximum Weight Load: 4,130 lbs. (Based on Even Distribution)
  • Approximate Table Weight: 277 lbs. / 126 kg.
  1. Boreholes on the Surface: 50x50mm Grid (1.96"x1.96").
  2. Boreholes have a radius of 2mm (0.078"). Radius 3mm (0.118") / 6mm
    (0.236") on table edges and corners.
  3. Height of table side 100mm (3.93") - Borehole spacing of table side
    25mm (0.98")
  4. Metric Scaling on the surface.
  5. Construction reinforced with ribbing.

The System 28 Welding Table Series was created with Heavy Duty Applications in Mind.

All System 28 Professional Extreme tables feature the latest upgrades in aesthetics, versatility, and durability.

Our Double Hardened Tables are constructed from through hardened steel before undergoing a Plasma Nitride treatment to provide you with a table of superior quality and performance.

Available Style Variants

  • Standard 850mm Legs,
  • Alternate Height Standard 950mm Legs,
  • Height Adjustable 650-900mm Legs,
  • Height Adjustable Alternate Height 750-1100mm Legs,
  • Caster with locking brake 850mm Legs,
  • Caster with Locking brake and Height Adjustable 750-950mm Legs,
  • Floor Anchoring 850mm Legs