Q: Does Weld Spatter stick you your tables?

A: During the manufacturing process of our tables we put them through a process call plasma nitriding, This turns the Steel to a Black Finish, makes it impact and Rust resistant as well as helping repel Weld Spatter, We do however still Recommend the use of an Anti spatter for good measure.

Q: What makes Siegmund Tables Special?

A: Siegmund Tables begin with the Customer and longevity in mind, Starting with a hardened tool steel Siegmund Tables have an unmatched hardness in the industry, not to mention the nitriding process being standard on all of our tables. German quality control mixed the the best material possible ensure that when you choose Siegmund Tables you have a tool for life.

Q: Do you have 3D Models for your tables?

A: Yes we do, 3D models for tooling and tables are available at no Charge to all Siegmund Customers, Contact us today to get your Login set up!

Q: Does BTH Sales Do Demos?

A: Absolutely, We believe that a customer should be 100% positive about any of our products before a purchase. We are factory trained and willing to provide demos and industry knowledge to all customers.