Siegmund Welding Fixture Table with Cobot

Siegmund Welding Table helps build capacity at Skyvington Manufacturing

Skyvington Manufacturing Inc. (SMI), a leading provider of store fixtures and retail displays, faced a pivotal decision: expand welding capacity with either skilled labor or automation. Founded in 1995 by Ray Skyvington, the Ontario-based company initially focused on design, later bringing fabrication in-house to ensure quality standards, as well as timely delivery. 

To enhance welding efficiency, SMI recently adopted automation, starting with Siegmund welding fixture tables and later investing in an ESAB cobot. This decision stemmed from the need to boost production while maintaining quality in the face of skilled labor shortages. The cobot's versatility allowed for increased throughput and reduced the need for additional shifts. With the added working area of the Siegmund welding table, SMI was able to take advantage of the cobot's capabilities and quickly noticed a tangible impact on productivity, allowing them to streamline operations and focus on core competencies.

Finding skilled welders remains a challenge for SMI, prompting a focus on technology-driven solutions. By improving welding precision and throughput, SMI aims to mitigate the impact of labor shortages and ensure consistent product quality. 

Ultimately, SMI's investments in technology and personnel has resulted in enhanced product affordability and quality. The company fosters collaboration between engineering, design, and production to identify opportunities for improvement. By passing on savings realized through technological investments to clients, SMI strives for mutual benefit, emphasizing long-term sustainability and innovation as key drivers of success.

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