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Siegmund System 16 & 28 - Bench Vice 100

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Item No.: 004300

The Siegmund System Bench vice 100 is compatible with any 16mm/18mm fixture table. Made in Germany to the highest of quality assurance, you know that with Siegmund tooling, you will not be let down.


Product description

The basic equipment of each workshop is a reliable bench vice. Our Siegmund bench vice offers improved productivity.

To attach the bench vice to the table, fast clamping bolts and if necessary, reduction bushings are required.

Fixing bench vices 100 with 16 mm boreholes:

On table System 16: with Fast Clamping Bolt 160510
On table System 28: with Fast Clamping Bolt 160510 and Reduction Bushings 000545

Technical Data:

‐ with 16 mm boreholes
‐ Jaw width 100 mm
‐ Opening stroke 135 mm