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Siegmund Workbench 1200 x 800mm incl. Accessories

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The Revolution: Siegmund Workbench

Upgrade your workshop with the essential Siegmund Workbench - a must-have tool for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Siegmund's innovative workbench seamlessly blends the versatility of a common workbench with the robust features that Siegmund-users have come to expect and rely on. 

Whether its metal or woodworking tasks, repairs or assemblies, build like a pro with Siegmund's cutting-edge modular system. Elevate your craftsmanship with the Siegmund workbench - your key to precision and efficiency at a low cost! 

Talk to BTH Sales today to learn more about Canada's only welding supply shop with Siegmund Workbenches and Welding Tables. 

Welding Table Specs and Features:

  • Overall Tabletop Size: 1200x800mm (47.2" x 31.5")
  • Borehole: Ø 16mm (0.629")
  • Welding Table Series: Siegmund Workbench
  • Workbench Material Thickness: Approx. 12mm (0.47")
  • Workbench Table Material Type and Finish: Perforated plate: premium steel S355J2+N + Plasma nitration; 
  • Base Frame: Aluminum Profiles
  • Surface Hardness: 450-750 Vickers
  • Official Siegmund Welding Table Part No.: 2-161208.1
  • Maximum Weight Load: 250 kg / 550 lbs. (Based on Even Distribution)
  • Approximate Table Weight: 108 kg. / 238 lbs.
  1. Boreholes on the Surface: 50x50mm Grid (1.96"x1.96").
  2. Metric Scaling on the surface.
  3. Height adjustable (800-975mm)

The Siegmund Workbench; where Versatility and Cost-Effective Quality meet.

All System 16 Workbench tables feature the newest updates in aesthetics, versatility, and durability at a low cost.

The Siegmund Workbench foundation lies in the resilience of aluminum profiles, specially-designed by Siegmund for forming a sturdy base frame. Utilizing the reliable Siegmund perforated plate, you can effortlessly affix a range of stops, fixtures, or bench vices to securely hold your workpiece in place. 

Incorporating height-adjustable legs, Siegmund has prioritized the customary ergonomic working stance for the workbench.  This table is perfect for all applications, whether its used as an at-home, DIY workbench or used professionally as a woodworking bench or welding and fabrication table.