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Siegmund System 16 - Flex Stop 24x97 Steel

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Siegmund system 16 Accessories are compatible with any 16mm fixture table. Made in Germany to the highest of quality assurance, you know that with Siegmund tooling, you will not be let down.

Flex Stop is individually adjustable through the oblong slot. Due to its radiused clamping sides, it can be versatilely used in corners as well as freeform stop surfaces. The Flex Stop is favoured when working with stainless steel and in confined spaces.

Technical Data:

Item No.: 2-160418

Flex Stop 24x97 Steel ‐ Galvanized

Length (a) 97 mm
Width (b) 24 mm
Material thickness (d) 24 mm
Weight 0,16 kg
Wall thickness 4 mm
Adjusting range 71 mm 


Product description
Flex Stop Steel, individually adjustable through the elongated hole, provides a multitude of options. Due to its rounded clamping sides it can be used in corners, as well as free formed clamping surfaces. The Flex Stop 97 spans the hole distance even in diagonal applications.

‐ long clamping bolt required