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Siegmund System 16 - Stop & Clamping Square 90X

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The Siegmund System 16 Stop and Clamping Squares are compatible with any 16mm fixture table. Made in Germany to the highest of quality assurance, you know that with Siegmund tooling, you will never be let down.

Stop and Clamping Square standard with fine scale serves as an adjustable angle. The combination of system boreholes and the oblong slot facilitates multi-functional use. The additional top plate provides further combination options in connection with other squares, or to incorporate tools like prisms or clamps. Stop and Clamping Squares, can be used for a large variety of tasks, such as a table extension for lightweight components. Due to the oblong slot, it can also function as a stop for high elements.

Technical Data:

 Item No.: 2-160108.N

Stop and Clamping Square 90 X ‐ nitrided

Length (a) 90 mm
Width (b) 30 mm
Height (c) 25 mm
Material thickness (d) 12 mm
Weight  0,19 kg 


Product description
Stop and Clamping Square 90 X and 90 SL, applicable as a stop for large sections. In addition, it is compatible with all squares and can create a height-adjustable surface by clamping into the elongated hole.

‐ elongated hole
‐ Standard with fine scaling on both sides