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Siegmund System 16 - Support And Clamping Frame(Large)

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The Siegmund System 16 Squares and Accessories are compatible with any 16mm fixture table. Made in Germany to the highest of quality assurance. You know that with Siegmund tooling, you will never be let down.

Universal Angle Mechanical Clamping, ideal for angle applications with high repeat accuracy. Any individual angular degree between 10° and 150° can be set. The angular degree is adjusted by using the setup template and an allen key. The Setup template is included with delivery.

Technical Data:

Item No.: 2-160302.N

Support and Clamping Frame, large 300x200x50 ‐ nitrided

Length (a) 300 mm
Width (b) 200 mm
Height (c) 50 mm
Weight 7,4 kg 


Product description
Support and Clamping Frame, serves as a connection for different elements. It can be used as a table extension or console as well. The system boreholes with a 50 mm grid on five sides provide a wide range of combination options. Both fixed and variable stops are possible, as a result of the boreholes and the elongated holes.