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Siegmund System 16 - Universal Stop / Clamping Bridge

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Siegmund system 16 Accessories are compatible with any 16mm fixture table. Made in Germany to the highest of quality assurance, you know that with Siegmund tooling, you will not be let down.

Universal Stops, fixed or variably adjustable, due to the combination of oblong slot and system boreholes. It is also appropriate for use with prisms and adapters.

Chromed version is available for work on measuring tables, working with aluminum and for TIG-welding.


Technical Data:

 Item No.: 2-160450.N

Universal Stop / Clamping Bridge ‐ nitrided

Length (a) 175 mm
Width (b) 35 mm
Material thickness (d) 12 mm
Weight 0,4 kg
Adjusting range 50 mm 


Product description
Universal Stop, can also be used as clamping bridge. Using the small hole in the center, the Stop can be fastened with a screw clamp.

‐ combination of borehole and elongated hole