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Siegmund System 28 - Clamping Cone

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Siegmund's Prisms and Supports are compatible with all 28mm fixture tables. Manufactured in Germany, Siegmund's Prisms are made with the highest quality standards on the market. That way, you can take on any job with confidence using Siegmund tooling. 

Siegmund's System 28 Prisms are designed for pipes of significant diameter. Throughout the design process, Siegmund ensures that the final product creates the perfect support surface for large, round piping. A screw-in collar is able to be fastened in the boreholes of any 28mm fixture table, and assuredly secured with ease. The collar can also be unscrewed from the prism, allowing operators to position the prism independently from the table's borehole grid. Additionally, Prism Extensions can be used to change the working height for any task and Prisms are available in Polyamide to eliminate marking and scratching on softer materials.

Technical Data:

Item No.: 2-280670

Clamping Cone ‐ burnished

Height (c) 70 mm
Weight 1,4 kg
Diameter 80 mm 


Product description
Clamping Cone, enables clamping of round and square pipes with a diameter of up to < 80 mm, by simply positioning them. The Clamping Cone is fastened with bolts.