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Siegmund System 28 - Moveable Square

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Siegmund System 28 Squares can be used with any 28mm fixture table. Manufactured in Germany, Siegmund's System 28 Squares are made with the highest quality standards on the market! Choose Siegmund and take on any job with confidence.


Technical Data:

 Item No.: 2-280302.N

Moveable Square ‐ nitrided

Length (a) 500 mm
Width (b) 100 mm
Height (c) 100 mm
Weight 15,8 kg 


Product description
Moveable Square, can be used as a connection between two stop- and clamping squares, providing additional support surface, as well as further variable and fixed stop- and clamping options. In addition, the Moveable Square can function as a four-sided table extension, a table setup or a stop bar. Especially in restricted spaces the Moveable Square offers a multitude of combination- and application options.

This component is manufactured of high quality GGG40 ductile cast iron.