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Siegmund System 28 - Positioning Bolt

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Siegmund offers a wide range of Bolts for System 28, 28mm fixture tables. Manufactured in Germany, Siegmund's Bolts are made with the highest quality standards on the market. Choose Siegmund and take on any job with confidence. 


Technical Data:

Item No.: 2-280540

Positioning Bolt ‐ burnished 

Length (a) 70mm
Weight 0.4kg


Product description
Positioning Bolt, serves as an adjustment tool for squares that only require a clamping bolt for fastening, in order to cost-effectively substitute for a second clamping bolt. In addition, various squares can be formed by spading, e.g. 90° or 45°.

This picture shows an application example of a customer generated template.

Note: This bolt MUST NOT be used for connecting tables and U-shaped squares!