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Special Offer - Professional Extreme 8.7 - 1200x1200x100 Plasma nitrided

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Enhance your weld quality and overall welding experience with Siegmund. 

BTH Sales is offering a new Special Promotion for a Siegmund 4x4 Welding Table with Accessories! 

Get started on a Professional Extreme 8.7 1200x1200x100mm table, which includes a special 31 piece kit! The Siegmund Professional Extreme 8.7 Welding Table is made of GERMAN-MADE, through-hardened tool steel X8.7 + Plasma nitration - you won't find a harder, flatter table. 

BTH Sales provides free Canadian support & 3D CAD for Siegmund welding tables, and has local Canadian stock with pricing in Canadian Dollars. Contact BTH Sales to learn how you can start your journey with a Siegmund Welding Table today!

Siegmund 4x4 Promo (1200x1200mm)

Siegmund System 16 Professional Extreme 8.7 - 1200x1200x100 Plasma nitrided

Set Includes:

  • 1x Siegmund Welding Table 
  • 4x Professional Screw Clamp - burnished / nitrided
  • 12x Fast Clamping Bolt without slot double - burnished
  • 8x Universal Stop 115 L - nitrided
  • 4x Stop and Clamping Square 300 G ‐ nitrided
  • 1x Accessories Kit


Product description (Welding Table):
‐ Through-hardened tool steel X8.7 + Plasma nitration
‐ Material thickness approx. 11,5 – 13 mm
‐ Table side panel made of high quality steel S355J2+N + Plasma nitration
‐ Borehole Ø 16 mm
‐ Boreholes on the surface 50x50 mm grid
‐ Corners, edges and boreholes rounded
‐ Height of table side 100 mm
‐ Boreholes on table sides in diagonal grid
‐ With scaling on the surface
‐ Construction reinforced with ribbing
‐ Grid lines allow precise constructions

Siegmund Basic Welding Bench
Professional Screw Clamp, enables fast, powerful and exact clamping with a variety of welding elements. Achieve maximum efficiency through time-saving, quick adjustments and effortless disassembly.
This bolt comes without the slot for O-rings. This ensures a smooth surface of the bolt body.  The bolt without slot is particularly suitable for clamping aluminum profiles and is also still compatible with the entire Siegmund range.  The fast clamping bolt with twistlock is the ideal connecting element between Siegmund components.
Universal Stop 115 L, fixed or variably adjustable, due to the combination of elongated hole and system boreholes (adjustment range 0-50 mm). It is also great for use with prisms and adapters.
The 300 G Stop and Clamping Square, fixed and variably adjustable due to the combination of system boreholes and elongated hole. It can be used versatilely e.g. as table extension. This element is manufactured of high quality GGG40 ductile cast iron.
Siegmund Welding Accessories-Set


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