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System 16 Sets - Set 2 Aluminum

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Siegmund System 16 tooling is compatible with any 16mm fixture table.  Manufactured in Germany, Siegmund's tooling is made with the highest quality standards on the market. Siegmund tooling is the best for any job!


Start off on the right foot with your new welding table, or extend the capabilities of your current welding tables with a System 16 Tooling Kit. When you invest in a Siegmund kit, you have the proper tooling to do any job.

Technical Data:
Total Weight of Set: 59.3lbs.

Set Contents:
(x4) 2-160610: Professional Screw Clamp 
(x12) 2-160510: Short Fast Clamping Bolt 
(x4) 2-160420.N: Universal Stop 115 L - Aluminum
(x4) 2-160108.N: Stop and Clamping Square 90 X - Aluminum
(x4) 2-160110.N: Stop and Clamping Square 90 L - Aluminum