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System 16 - Workstation - 1200x800x850mm

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Item Number:  2-164001
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The Perfect Workplace in a Modular System: Siegmund Workstations

The Siegmund Workstation is an amazing system which can be adapted and its usability can be extended to meet any individual's needs. Take on any job; Welding, drilling and sawing can all be done effectively with a Siegmund Workstation!

Designed to provide unparalleled functionality, the Siegmund System 16 Workstation empowers you to create highly customizable fixtures, tailored to your specific requirements. With its innovative modular design, the Siegmund System 16 allows for seamless integration of various components, enabling you to create a workspace that perfectly aligns with your workflow. Whatever your needs may be, a sturdy Siegmund System 16 workstation or welding table are excellent multifunctional solutions to any of your welding and fabrication barriers.

 Workstation Specs and Features: 

  • Overall Workstation Dimensions: 1200x800x850mm (47.24" x 31.50" x 33.46")
  • Through-Hardened Tool Steel
  • Borehole Ø 16mm
  • Boreholes on the surface 50x50mm grid
  • Material Thickness approx. 11.5 - 13mm
  • 600mm Space for Drawers on the Left and Right Sides
  • 144kg / 318LBS (Base Model Weight)
  • Optional: Perforated plate with Plasma Nitration (Item No. 2-164004.XX) for $250.00


Consisting of:
1x 004002 (Siegmund Workstation)
1x 164004.X07 (Perforated plate)
1x 164030 (Clamp holder)
1x 004020 (Shelf)
1x 164035 (Bolt and prism holder)
1x 004025 (Toolwall incl. Shelf)



Basic Screw Clamp ‐ burnished / nitrided
Set A: x2
Set B: x4

Fast Clamping Bolt without slot double ‐ burnished
Set A: x6
Set B: x8

Flex Stop 12x83 Aluminum
Set A: x4
Set B: x6

Hex wrench Size 4
Set A: x1
Set B: x1


Stop and Clamping Square 90 X ‐ nitrided

Set A: 0
Set B: x2


Bench vice 100 for System 16 / 22 / 28

Set A: 0
Set B: x1